Before buying your new sign, you will want to consider a few points to help make your sign eye-catching while keeping a consistent, professional image.

Will Your Sign Be. . .
* Permanent or Temporary?
* Used Indoors or Outdoors?
* Do you need Specific Colors?
* Will you sign be Illuminated (Lit)?
* If it is an Illuminated Sign, do you want it to be Internally or Externally Illuminated?
* What Message do you want to Portray?

What is Most Important?
* Your product or service?
* Your phone number?
* Your Company's Name?

Type of Materials that can be used.
* Plastic
* Metal
* Wood
* Banner
* Magnetic

Will you sign include a graphic?
* Logo (stock or custom made are available)
* Shapes
* Clip Art
* Photos
* Borders & Shadows

Extra helpful tips in order to achieve the best effect for the design of your sign.
* Use light colors on dark
* Use dark colors on light
* Avoid dark colors on dark
* Avoid light colors on light

Please tour our SHOWROOM to help get ideas or telephone or e-mail one of our great sales people, who will be delighted to help you.


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